How do I join?

Register to join in 6 easy ways:

– Send your name, grade, address, T-shirt size, cell phone number, and email, and we will get you registered. You can now start collecting! Raise money and drop it off in one of the many drop-boxes around town! You will also receive a link to send to family and friends so they can donate to your page. You can personalize your page with your photo and adjust your goal. Call the hotline with any questions you may have.

– Email Yadrachelglow@gmail.com

– Text (732) 994-3234

– Online: Go to YadRachelWalkathon.com

– Mail: 61 Majestic Way Lakewood, NJ 08701

– Whatsapp: 732-703-2435

Girls that raise a minumum of $50 (and of course more 🙂 are invited to attend the Yad Rachel Walkathon for the most EPIC event of the year!

How do I create a team?

Register a team by calling 1-855-YAD-RACHEL and press 2 between 6:30PM-9:30 PM.

Create a team name and have your team members call to register under the team’s name. (Creating a team is optional.) Up to 25 girls maximum on a team.

1st place team that raises the most will get hoodies and towels with their name airbrushed + The Yad Rachel Comfy for each girl+ get an hour in studio to record The Yad Rachel song!

2nd place team wins The Yad Rachel comfy for each girl on the team!

New this year! VIP Teen Leaders! Are you in 6th grade and up? Join and raise $250 or more, and you’ll be seated in the upstairs VIP section with lots of surprises just for you and your friends! You’ll also get an exclusive Yad Rachel Comfy and much more!

How do I receive my prize?

Drop off your money and filled-out prize form at one of the many blue drop-boxes around town, and your prize(s) will be mailed to you! New this year! Have a parent choose your prize on our website Yadrachelwalkathon.com

When will I receive my prize?

Prizes will Iy”H be delivered by July 2nd. If a prize does not come please email yadrachelglow@gmail.com or call the hotline and leave a detailed message.

Need a prize booklet? Pick one up at one of the many drop boxes listed. Once you have successfully registered, you can also pick up an exclusive Yad Rachel scrunchy at a dropbox!

The blue Drop-boxes will be at the following locations: LAKEWOOD: 5 Palm Court (off rt 9), 27 Kings Court (Westgate), 137 Cannonball Drive (New England Village), 713 Lakeview Drive (South Lake area), 61 Majestic Way (Sunset Grove), 18 Sienna Way (Brookhill), 1350 Church Rd Toms River, NJ (Toms River), 31 Danielle court (Jackson). PASSAIC: Dropbox 449 Brook Ave

I do not want to knock on people’s doors. What should I do?

For those uncomfortable knocking on doors, we get it! Here are some tips that you can try!

#1 Once you are registered, ask a parent to send out your personal link that they received by text or that can be found on your personal page. Then, donors can donate directly to your page!

#2 Make a sale or carnival! Smoothie sale, anyone? Be creative!

#3 With parental help, create a video of yourself asking for help to raise for an incredible organization and ask your parents to send it out to those who care and would want to help! (Make it cute or funny for added oomph!

HOW can I see how much I raised so far?

Call the hotline 1-866-YAD-RACHEL and press 4. You will be prompted to put in the first 3 letters of your first or last name!

Can I have someone donate to my page by phone?

Yes! Have them call 1-866-YAD-RACHEL and press 0 and tell them to enter the first 3 letters of your last name!

What if I can’t make it to the walkathon on Sunday June 2nd?

Can’t make it? No problem! Register as a raiser by calling 1-866-Yad-Rachel option three or by any of the options detailed above. Pick your prize by mailing checks and the prize form to 61 Majestic Way or have a parent pick your prize online and your prizes will be delivered to your address.

Can I join the campaign if I live out of town?

Sure! You can register as a virtual raiser and put down a Lakewood address to receive your prize! Of course you’re invited to join us at the event if you can make it!